1) Athletes must check-in prior to 7 am. Boats must be staged and bikes placed in the transition area prior to the race briefing at 7:15. The mandatory race briefing will take place near the ramp.

2) All entrants must certify and sign a release stating that they are in proper physical condition.

3) Participants will act in a safe and reasonable manner in all areas of the GAAR.

4) Participants will follow all GAAR Rules, and will obey, without objection, all laws and all instructions from GAAR Race Marshals and local law enforcement.

5) Athletes behaving in variance to any rule will be subject to immediate disqualification.

6) Do not jeopardize your safety or that of others by paddling, running, riding, or driving in an unsafe manner!

7) Drafting along the bike route is strictly prohibited.

8) GAAR participants must stay on the official route at all times. If a participant leaves the course to find needed services, they then must rejoin the course at precisely the point at which they left it. No shortcuts are allowed.

9) If unforeseen conditions (such as a train) cause delay, please note the total time of the delay. Race officials will adjust your time to reflect that delay.

10) A Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) shall be worn by all participants on the paddling portion of the GAAR.

11) A CPSC/ANSI approved bicycle helmet shall be worn by all participants on the bicycling portion of the GAAR.

12) In the event that you abandon the paddle, ride or run, please contact race officials. GAAR support staff will make every effort to transport participants off the course.

13) The GAAR is a rain or shine event. Race officials will be in contact with law enforcement and emergency personnel to assure that weather conditions are safe for the event. Should weather conditions pose a threat to participants, spectators or volunteers, GAAR officials reserve the right to delay or cancel the race.


In case of inclement weather, all athletes should look for notice from race officials and respond accordingly.